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Book 'Buiten Zinnen / Losing Our Minds' including cd by The river curls around te town coming up!


We are completely "Losing Our Minds" and you can take that literally and methaphorically. ‘The river curls around the town’ has the great honor to add music to the new photo and poetry book by top photographer Eddy Verloes and the well-known Dutch poet-writer Benno Barnard, which will be published on May 17 by publishing house Poëziecentrum vzw.

On a blustery day in the spring of 2020 Eddy Verloes met a group of excited Hasidic Jewish boys on a Belgian beach, an encounter resulting in a series of photographs which would travel the world and make his name as a photographer. He asked the famous poet, Benno Barnard, who knows and loves Jewish culture, to write poems to accompany the images which were also translated in English. Inspired by the photos and poems, The river curls around the town took up the challenge to set these lyrics to music.

The retail price for the book (including the cd) will be 22,50 euros. You can reserve your own copy by contacting us!

It doesn't stop there… we are going on tour! In 2022 and 2023, Benno Barnard, Eddy Verloes and The river curls around the town, accompanied by writer-poet and ex-VRT journalist Geert van Istendael, will bring the performance "Buiten zinnen / Losing Our minds" to the Flemish theaters. See you there!

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